Different Types of Wardrobe Sliding Doors



If you’re planning to build your own wardrobe system, one of the most important parts you need to buy is a door. Of course, a sliding door makes a lot of sense compared to the typical swing doors, which tend to take up space. A sliding door is also built tougher and is thus less like to be damaged.


Here are some of the most common types of sliding doors you’ll find around:


With Mirror


A sliding wardrobe door that comes with a mirror is twice as useful. You can cover your wardrobe with the same material that has a full-length mirror. The mirrored glass panels attached to these types of wardrobe doors are very safe and convenient. Of course, when you have a large mirror anywhere in a room, it always gives an illusion of more space. If your room is small, this can be a good trick for you. These doors have aluminum frames, but you can have a frameless one custom-made.  For more facts and info regarding sliding wardrobes, you can go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/walk-in-closets/.


Paintable Surface


If you want to add color to the room, you can choose a sliding wardrobe door with colored panels. You might want to consider your walls and get Sliding Wardrobe Doors finish that matches it. There are even raw gyp rock panels that can serve as a canvass for you to splash your creative juices. These sliding doors are usually made with aluminum frames and tracks too.


Vinyl Covered


Vinyl is a perfect choice for fences – and wardrobe doors. Vinyl sliding wardrobe doors are made of gyp rock panels that are covered in vinyl to create a smooth, polished appearance. They are also usually made with aluminum frames and tracks, and are known to slide in very easily because of their light weight.



If you want a little sass, you can go for a multi-paneled sliding wardrobe doors. The glass can have different color combinations as you wish. If you like all things mitchy-matchy, then this choice is obviously for you. Unlike the others though, their frames and tracks are usually made of silver instead of aluminum.


Opti-panel glass


An opti-panel sliding wardrobe door, which is essentially glass, has kind of a frosted design. If you want to create a modern and minimalist look, this one is a great option. Opti-panel sliding wardrobe doors are usually bought in white or very light green, but again, you can have them custom-made with your favorite color. Like the multi-paneled variety, they also use silver on the frames and tracks.


Can’t decide yet? If you go out shopping or even if you simply explore suppliers’ websites, you will find that there are more options out there. If you’re wondering about the price, the raw gyp rock types are usually the cheapest, and then vinyl follows next. The priciest ones are the colored opti-panels, which can set you back up to $1500, but you can usually get a discount when you ask. Just shop around.


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